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Victor Acevedo brings to his design work 25 years of experience in art making. Over the years he has done graphic design, illustration and photography for such diverse clients as EMI Greece, CyberArts Gallery, EZTV, Steadi-Systems, Artlink.net, ACM Siggraph, Pixel magazine and the Leonardo Journal. He has designed CD covers for such artists as Cynthia DeMoss, Digitalic Relata, Portal, Level 9 and DJ Liquid Acrobat.

Many of Acevedo's fine art images are in fact portraits. He has portrayed such famous people as Bob Dylan & Edie Sedgwick. These of course were done in conjunction wit h photographer Billy Name . However many of his subjects aren't so famous, and he has done some wonderful renderings of his family and friends. Each one done in his fascinating and original style.What is not so well known is that Acevedo does portrait commissions for very reasonable fees.

Acevedo has also designed posters and announcement s for art shows and other events. He has done work for CyberSpace Gallery, several Digilante exhibits , The Pod Gallery and the Cynthia Show.