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October 11 – On this day Victor Acevedo launched his e-commerce shop with a gallery section at For the first time it is possible to buy archival fine art prints created by Acevedo directly from his studio. They are available in signed limited editions and unsigned open editions, at various sizes and price points. They will be shipped anywhere in the world that has FedX or UPS service. November 3 - Acevedo's print called Springside Cynthesis is included in Wolf Lieser's handsome and erudite introduction to the field of Digital Art released this month. The book is now available in the English language edition in the US from Barnes and Noble and in the UK at The book which premiered in German last Spring is scheduled to be translated into French, Dutch, Spanish and Portugese. Acevedo's work is appears here in excellent company with some of the most important computer art pioneers living today – artists like Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake, Roman Verostko and David Em just to name a few.


January 8 – Victor attends Paul Miller's opening at the Robert Miller Gallery NYC January 8 2009. They met back 10 years ago when Acevedo invited Paul (DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid) to speak at a special session of his class called Ideas in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts Amphitheater on April 9 1999 from 3-5pm. Also on the bill was the legendary Gardner Post (right) of Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN)




September 18 – Acevedo and a three-person crew were commissioned by the Buckiminster Fuller Estate to make an HD video document of Fuller's Retrospective exhibition 'Starting with the Universe' after hours at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Victor: "It was an incredible experience to make a document of these amazing artifacts, and hanging with the Dymaxion Car was particularly profound for me, that vehicle has a special vibe about it."



August – Diane Piepol and Victor at SIGGRAPH08, Los Angeles Convention Center – standing in front of Paul Debevec's multi-directional camera dome. On the Right: Victor Acevedo and Yoichiro Kawaguchi in front of one of his works in this year's Artshow.





May 10 - 11 – Victor Acevedo and Joseph D. Clinton meet informally for a couple of days in Pennsylvania, talking about Life and the Geometrical Experience.



Victor Acevedo and Tom Miller at work in Miller's Studio documenting his recent Geometrical models and explorations into Synergetics 3.0



May 17th – Shoji Sadao and Victor Acevedo at the Noguchi Museum for the opening reception of Friends: R. Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi.





November 24th – Isamu Noguchi Museum – Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC) Symposium: Synergetics in the Arts – Acevedo gave a talk called Art of the Void Matrix. On the right is a frame from a Quicktime self-portrait that he showed. The talk surveyed the development of Victor's work from Traditional media to Digital; from still imagery to time-based work highlighting the influence of of R Buckminster Fuller and Synergetic Geometry.




New Millennium Museum, Beijing, China



May 28 – Acevedo image included in the NY Digital Salon exhibition at the New Millennium Museum, Beijing, China / Exhibition: May 28 - June 13, 2004 / Symposium: May 28 & May 2

NYDS excerpted press release: New York Digital Salon presents Images and Animations, an installation that draws from the New York Digital Salons eleven-year history, highlighting the best animations and digital print work from past Digital Salon exhibitions as well as new work from digital art pioneers. Participating artists include Victor Acevedo, Charles Csuri, Sherban Epure, Tamas Farkus, Michael Field, Jeremy Gardiner, Kenneth Huff, Viktor Koen, Manfred Mohr, Maureen Nappi, Barbara Nessim, Jan Pamula, and Javier Roca; with animations by Clara Chan, Wan Chiu, Yong Duk Jhu, Tsuyoshi Fuyama, Twen Samuel Kwok, Jeffrey Lerer, Dennis Miller, Eric Morin, Yuki Nakajima, Kevin Rawlinson, George Schermer, Zach Schlappi, Joel Seville, Jason Shulman, and Albert Yu.

NYDS Full Press Release

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December 1 - Escher's Legacy: Acevedo introduced Doris Schattschneider to his Professional Issues class at the School of Visual Arts. She did a slide talk on M.C. Escher, covering his work and the underlying mathematical concepts behind it. Victor followed with an exposition of the connection between his work and Escher's - highlighting some relationships between Escher's graphic work and digital art.








November 25 - Acevedo did a guest lecture in Willoughby Sharp's class (Studies in Teleculture) at Parsons School of Design. Victor clicked thru a brief tour of his website and then spoke in depth about the development of his work. (Pictured above, Sharp in front of his diagram outlining the Maturation of Teleculture)

November 18 - At the School of Visual Arts: Acevedo did a guest lecture in Suzanne Anker's Art History class (1960-present) which consisted of a brief overview of Digital Art and a bit about his own work, covering his transition from trad to digital.





October – Acevedo in front of his image THE LACEMAKER speaking to Mark Chavez at the opening of DIGITAL DUALITY his two man show with Michael Ragsdale Wright at EZTVmedia gallery located at the 18th Street Art Center in Santa Monica, California.