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Lectures and Panel discussions



February 9th: Panel Discussion: Victor Acevedo and Michael R. Wright each give a slide presentation, speak to the audience and take questions about the Digilante Movement (1990-1997) in Los Angeles as part the exhibition events for Hacking The Timeline: EZTV, Digilantism and the LA Digital Art Movement. held at the 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica California (recorded on video)



November 24th: – Isamu Noguchi Museum – Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC) Symposium: Synergetics in the Arts – Acevedo gave a talk called Art of the Void Matrix. On the right is a frame from a Quicktime self-portrait that he showed. The talk surveyed the development of Victor's work from Traditional media to Digital; from still imagery to time-based work highlighting the influence of of R Buckminster Fuller and Synergetic Geometry.



December 1 - Escher's Legacy: Acevedo introduced matheathics professor and renown Escher expert and author, Doris Schattschneider to his Professional Issues class at the School of Visual Arts. She did a slide talk on M.C. Escher, covering his work and the underlying mathematical concepts behind it. Victor followed with an exposition of the connection between his work and Escher's - highlighting some relationships between Escher's graphic work and digital art.

November 25 - Acevedo did a guest lecture in Willoughby Sharp's class Studies in Teleculture at Parsons School of Design. Victor clicked thru a brief tour of his website and then spoke in depth about the development of his work.

November 18 - At the School of Visual Arts: Acevedo did a guest lecture in Suzanne Anker's Art History class (1960-present) which consisted of a brief overview of Digital Art and a bit about his own work, covering his transition from traditional to digital media.


September: Acevedo spoke on an artist panel that included Xaviar Roca, Maureen Nappi, and Barbara Nessim - moderated by Bruce Wands. For the New York Digital Salon selected works exhibition at the Corning Gallery, NYC. Co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Foundation (recorded on video)

May: Acevedo on a panel, dicusses his work at the exhibition called Silent Motion at Kingston University, UK (recorded on video)

February 26th: Panel discussion, Acevedo with Kathy Brew, GH Hovagimyan, Jack Ox hels as a specuial session of Acevedo's Professional issues class at School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Department. (recorded and webcast.)


May: Acevedo spoke on a panel called Defining the Digital Print, held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Moderated by Howard Fox, the panelists included: Victor Acevedo, Graham Nash, Patric Prince, Mac Holbert, Michael Wright, Jennifer Steinkamp, Peter Frank. 9 (recorded on video)

May 10: Pod Theory Panel - Moderated by GH Hovagimyan and Christiane Paul Panelists were Victor Acevedo, Robert Michael Smith, Nicholas Rieben and Roland Brenner (recorded on video )


October : Acevedo on a panel called Technology and the Arts, moderated by Bruce Wands, National Conference on Humanities and the Arts, Algonquin Hotel, NYC (recorded on video)


Interviewed on and then later guest-hosted for G.H. Hovagimyan's Art Dirt - a weekly webcast digital-art chat show with live video & audio streaming at Pseudo Online Networks, NYC. Later this year the show's complete digital archives were acquired by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. (recorded and webcast)

April 15th: Acevedo delivered a talk on Digital Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts as part of a public lecture series celebrating the institution's 50th year anniversary. Acevedo shared the stage with Lynn Pocock (NYIT ) and Cynthia Pannucci - ASCI: Art Science Collaborations Incorporated. (recored on video)

August : Acevedo spoke about his work on a panel moderated by James Faure Walker for the Art Show of the 25th Annual ACM/SIGGRAPH Conference, Orlando, Florida (recorded on video)