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Field Matrix Theory

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

As March ends a portal to new adventures opens up. Watch this space for news and random musings every once and awhile..

Kevin in the Field

Kevin in the Field v3

© 2018-2020 Victor Acevedo

‘Kevin in the Field’ as in ‘field-matrix’

Here’s a somewhat vintage image. It’s not been published or exhibited anywhere publicly until now. Dated 2006-2018, this is the 3rd version of a portrait of my dear friend Kevin O’Connor.

It is derived from a photo taken outside the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in 2005 during the opening reception for the exhibition called SYNAPSE. At that time the gallery was located near the corner of 5th and Main Streets at 107 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA. This was LACDA’s first downtown location.

The first two versions of this image were originally created in 2006, a year after the source photo was taken. Twelve years later in 2018 this third version was completed. This is my favorite and it will appear in my book Acevedo in Context which is now scheduled to be released sometime in 2021


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