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ACEVEDO in Context chronicles the development of Victor Acevedo’s artwork and also addresses the milieu from which his work emerged; his key influences and the creative community that fostered his work and art actions. The book’s narrative is augmented by essays from four contributing authors, Peter Frank, Charlotte Frost, Thomas Miller and Michael J. Masucci. The essays are presented along with quotations and notes by the artist himself. The text also includes transcriptions from previously unpublished writings and interviews with Patric Prince and Arthur L. Loeb.

Victor Acevedo is an artist best known for his digital work involving printmaking and photography. However, since 2007 his primary focus has been working with video and producing (electronic) visual music works. As an ongoing practice, Acevedo issues signed limited edition prints of still images sourced from his video work.

Acevedo is considered a desktop computer art pioneer as he was an early adopter of pre-Windows personal computer software to create fine art in the early 1980s. He has shown his work in over 130 group and solo art exhibitions in the U.S. and Internationally since 1982.

To date, the 3 main periods of Victor Acevedo’s ouevre could be described as the following,

1977- 87: Analog Art: traditional media, painting, drawing & film
1983 to 2007: Digital Art: archival ink jet and photo prints
2007 to present: Visual Music: Digital Video and Digital Prints


With contributing essays by

Peter Frank, Renowned NYC/LA Art Critic; Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine. Frank received a B.A. and M.A. in art history from Columbia University and was art critic for The Village Voice and the SoHo Weekly News before he moved to Los Angeles.

Charlotte Frost, is an Art Historian based in the UK, focusing on art’s relationship with technology. She is currently the Executive Director of the Art Organization called Futherfield.

Michael Masucci, was a founding member of the video art group and alternative theater/gallery space EZTV, and along with computer art historian Patric Prince, created CyberSpace Gallery, one of the world’s first art galleries dedicated to digital art.

Thomas Miller, as influenced by R. Buckminster Fuller is a Synergetic Geometer who has developed Newtools, an alternative method of teaching basic geometry where the simplest expression of ‘design-in-Nature’ is a set of modular building systems.

SOLD OUT: ACEVEDO in Context : Analog Media 1977-1987 Digital Media 1983 - 2020

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  • This copy will be signed by Victor Acevedo
    43-Year Illustrated Career Survey + Biograph
    Hard Cover print book : 400 pages / 595 images
    Trim size: 8.5 x 11" Landscape
    • Published by Acevedomedia (2022)
    eBook edition available on Apple Books & Amazon Kindle Books

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